Prof. Hans S. Reinders

“To live peacefully, Vanier teaches, requires that we recognize our own capacity for violence. (…)
It is simple – the simple principle of being present to one another – and yet it in its simplicity, the foundational principle of L’Arche has become a sign of peace in the wider world. (…)
I have visited L’Arche communities in various parts of the world, and have always been struck by the sheer joy of the people living there, despite the many difficulties they often face in their daily lives.”

Prof. Emeritus Bryan Massam

“Jean Vanier is a leader in consciousness-raising about the suffering of all who are marginalized. He is internationally recognized for his compelling vision of what it means to live a fully human life and for his social and spiritual leadership in building a compassionate society.”

Mr. Arthur Labatt

“In L’Arche communities, a world of inclusion and peace is built by everyone.”

Hon. Michael Ignatieff

“His philosophy of community with the disabled speaks powerfully to his rejection of the barriers that stand to divide us. Indeed, there is no ‘us’ in the communities that make up L’Arche, and there is no ‘them.’ There is only the pursuit of peace, taken up by those who are weak and vulnerable, whether they are disabled or not.”