Prof. Stanley Hauerwas

“In a world in which religious and ideological convictions pose threats of violence in the name of security, Jean Vanier stands as a beacon helping us all to see and better understand what peace looks like. I am a theologian committed to the practice of Christian nonviolence. (…)
As one so committed I’m often challenged to state where such nonviolence actually exists. For many years I’ve directed those who ask this question to the work of Jean Vanier.”

Prof. Richard Kearney

“His message and charism operate from the ground up, from person to person, from interiority to interiority, from one single wounded human being to another. (…)
That the deep humanity which unites us is more powerful than the differences which cause violence.”

Prof. Joseph Tadie

“Vanier is our model and guide in our endeavor to live lives of association with the poor; he teaches our minds and touches our hearts and helps us to gently wear down the walls that we have inherited from our culture and society about those who dwell on the ‘other’, less-fortunate, side of life. (…)
Vanier has already been gently, quietly, and lovingly calling people of many diverse backgrounds and faiths to share in a way of life where the walls that divide us from the marginalized are deconstructed on a daily basis, in acts as simple as a shared smile, a held hand, or a patient walk. (…)
Jean Vanier has inspired people from across the globe to join him in what he once called a ‘gentle revolution… where the powerful are dethroned and the weak uplifted; where enemies are pardoned and barriers fall, where armaments are dismantled.’ (…)
Vanier allowed himself to become vulnerable to the guidance of two marginalized men. He was led down into his own weakness and confronted with his own emotional walls. Once those walls were deconstructed, many others were drawn to the unmistakably authentic peace that was left in their place. (…)

Prof. Heather Eaton

“Dr. Vanier has spent his life teaching how we can learn to be people of peace, attending to these complex inner and social forces that impede peace. (…)
Unlike others who simply talk of peace, Dr. Vanier committed himself to learning, observing, living and teaching the ways of peace. In the realm of religion and religious conflict, it is my experience that Dr. Vanier’s approach enables people to overcome their differences and to join efforts for a common good. (…)
His teachings bring people together. His abundance of compassion for human suffering softens people, allows them to let down barriers and open up, and become more honest and aware of those who are suffering around them. (…)
Dr. Vanier is a man of immense and consistent integrity, with a vast international reputation and stature. Yet he remains a humble, kind and unassuming man, offering each person dignity and deep respect. (…)
He is the leader of a movement that has resulted in the liberation of thousands of people’s lives.”