Book cover The Heart of L’Arche: A Spirituality for Every Day

The Heart of L’Arche: A Spirituality for Every Day


This updated edition was revised by Vanier himself who, at the age of 84, looks back on 48 years of the spirituality of L’Arche. Readers will discover the spirit that keeps Vanier’s dream alive and thriving in a world where people with disabilities are often ignored or seen as a burden on society. With simplicity and conviction, Jean Vanier shows how a life shared with people who have disabilities calls us to selflessness and risk. In response to a call from God, he moved to a tiny French village, bought a small stone house, and invited two men with disabilities to live with him. By living with these two men he discovered his own “disabilities of the heart.” He discovered that love and forgiveness did not come easily for him, and that anger did. The vulnerability that is so much part of their lives reveals our own limit, and forces us to ask questions that can lead us to profound liberation.