Book cover Man and Woman, God Made Them

Man and Woman, God Made Them

Paulist Press

In a new and fully revised edition of a classical text, Jean Vanier examines the significance and sources of human sexuality. Drawing on his years of experience of Christian community life with and for people with disabilities, he explores the implications of the relationship of man and woman from a Christian and community standpoint. When Vanier speaks of the cry for love within a person who has disabilities, he draws the wider parallel of that same search within every man and woman; the fragility and vulnerability of each person at the level of the heart and in the search for relationship. In this intimate and searching book, Vanier writes, “Education for emotional and sexual life means helping someone to have a sense of others, to be able to listen, to love and to have compassion and tenderness and, not least, to become responsible. True sexual education awakens the heart, and helps someone more towards a mature affectivity.”