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Followers of Jesus

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As followers of Jesus, Vanier writes, “tonight, tomorrow and the next morning, we must put ourselves in the perspective of refinding Jesus.” When we are rich, when we are known, when we have friends, or when we are members of respected groups, we are never really oppressed. On the other hand there are many without work, with no security, living off meager wages, living day by day in unbearable situations of fear and anxiety, with children sick or other dependents. We know these situations. Each of us have met them: they are in the cities, they are all around us. Vanier points out that what is frightening is that the disciples of Jesus are so frequently in comfort. He asks two questions: on which side of the road is Jesus? On which side of the road are his disciples? In Followers of Jesus, Vanier invites us to listen to those on the margins and be transformed by them.