Jean Vanier received the Templeton Prize

11 March-Announcement

The Templeton Foundation has just announced from London that has awarded the 2015 Templeton Prize to Jean Vanier, for his innovative discovery of the central role of vulnerable people in the creation of a more just, inclusive and humane society. The Templeton Prize, which has previously been awarded to Mother Teresa, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama and others, is one of the most prestigious honors in the world, and is valued at close to 1.7 million USD.

According to Jean Vanier, this prize honors primarily the most vulnerable among us, often marginalized in our societies, and to whom he attributes his discovery.  It is these people who revealed to him that any person who has been previously rejected, when welcomed, becomes a source of dialogue, of healing, of unity and of peace for our societies and our religions.

Statement by Jean Vanier

I first of all want to thank you, Jennifer Simpson, and your father, Dr. John M. Templeton, Jr., and all those who work with you, especially the judges, for the wonderful prize you have awarded me.

Jean Vanier is the founder of L’Arche, a Federation of 147 communities in 35 countries and on 5 continents.  In these communities people with intellectual disabilities and those who accompany them share together, a daily life rich in mutual relationships, offering an innovative way of living.  With Marie Helene Mathieu, Vanier also cofounded Faith and Light, an extraordinary network of communities of friendship, mutual sharing and support for people with intellectual disabilities and their entourage.  Today there are 1500 such communities in 82 countries.

Jean Vanier, humanist, philosopher, theologian and author, has written more than 30 books which have been translated into 29 languages, has given thousands of talks around the world, and has received many honours and awards for his life work.



Credits: Templeton Prize - John Morrisson



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