His works

The Founder

Jean Vanier' s struggle for recognition of the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, started in the small village of Trosly in 1964, continues today. The road to justice and peace demands a lifetime commitment. He is more convinced than ever that those who are powerless and vulnerable attract what is most beautiful and most luminous in those who are stronger.



Organized into The International Federation of L'Arche in 1985, the 150 communities of L'Arche bring together men and women with or without an intellectual disability who share the same desire to reveal the important and necessary contribution of people who for lack of intellectual capacities have developed great capacities at the level of the heart.

Faith and Light

Faith and Light is a unique movement that brings together thousands of people, some with disabilities and others without, through community and family gatherings.



Intercordia Canada is a non-profit organization that partners with Canadian universities in order to offer students a unique, university accredited, engaged-learning experience.


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